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if you have ever used non-free software you are a literal skidmark on the toilet bowel of humanity. if you see a non-free video game or program that you would like to use you should write your own free version. i despise fun and all those who celebrate it

python is the best programming langauge because it goes hisssss. do NOT reply to this post

Bruce Springsteen is whack and lame but also amazing and do not dare say anything bad about him or I will become the worst kind of reply guy: an old classic rock reply guy

If you can't handle me at my bungus, you don't deserve me at my chungus

The Wikipedia page for the village people is a trip

50 yo boomer: *learns about adventure time for the first time* oh look at the Gal Pals. The platonic female friends, pinklady and vampire

A literal 6yo: oh I get it theyre lesbians

Much like Cheap Trick, I'm way more popular in Japan.

every time I finish telling a Canterbury Tale at a party, Geoffry Chaucer repeats it, but louder, and immediately gets all the laughs

Shut up, dirt (nsfw selfies, no nudity, no ec, boost+) Show more

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