@Aleums yeah, i like it. except for the TLC cover, that was meh.

I’m 29 Years Old. I’m A Dom. I’ll Boost all of Your lewds within my first hour of Joining. I’m also into Trepanation, and a little bit of Odinism. Come Say Hi!!

i was buying work clothes, idk how this happened (selfie, no ec, boost+) Show more

I have never misspelled a word. Would you tell Jackson Pollack he "spilled some paint"? No that'd be dumb

it’s called shitposting
because the posts, they are shit

did you know? eve backwards is eve, but eve sideways is me sleeping. i am wearing pyjamas with dogs on them. it is 3am

The real benefit of the Fitbit is that it makes you feel bad for sitting still too long. Little shame box.

reevaluating my life after realising that i have seen thirteen (13) movies starring jason statham

Got some new pajamas :3 (selfie, no ec, boost+) Show more

Welcome to the bunghole
We got Kevin James.
We got everything you want
As long as it's Kevin James.
We've got 'Paul Blart the Mall Cop,'
'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,'
We have the first 'Grown Ups,'
As well as 'Grown Ups 2!'
In the bunghole
Welcome to the bunghole!
Get on your

Bu bu bu bu bu bu butt butt butt

Me, listening to LCD Soundsystem and not understanding it is a song, not just a person talking to me: I DON'T KNOW. I JUST SAID, I DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY ARE. I GUESS YOU SHOULD CALL THEM? MAYBE TRy calling them - sorry didn't mean to yell, it just got a lot quieter all of a sudden. yeah i would say call them, if you don't know where they are

one day someone on here is gonna say that their wife actually left them and nobody will believe them

*gets rejected and my plague doctor mask nose deflates to show my disappointment*

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